Monday, May 23, 2011

How to talk straight

From Kevin Duncan "Tick Achieve"

  • People who are incapable of coming to the point are literally pointless
  • Do not talk like this, otherwise you will be unclear about what to do, and this will prevent you from being able to Tick Achieve
  • This can have very bad consequences, the worst of of which is that you can't think straight if you can't talk straight. 
  • The new world of waffle is beguiling and deceptive - if you can play no part in it
  • The curse of internal waffle refer to those who are incapable of being honest with themselves - this is the archenemy of getting things done effectively
  • There's waffle and there's strategic waffle - strategic waffle is additionally dangerous because it sounds as though it means something when in fact it often doesn't
  • A strategy is simply when you have decided what to do - keep your expression straightforward.
  • Spotting waffle is an important trait to develop - it prevents you from being fooled on the one hand, and shows you what phraseology to avoid on other
  • Understanding how language works is a huge bearing on your ability to speak and think clearly - learn as much as you can.
  • Pleonasms and circumlocution are to be avoided whenever possible
  • If you must use jargon at work, do not use it at home
  • Use friend, mom or grandmother test to find out whether you are talking (and therefore probably thinking) nonsense.
 Reminder to self. (^_^)

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